Asheville Mitigation

Our Guarantee and Warranty

We will guarantee to lower the radon levels in your home to acceptable levels or there is no charge for our services. 

Our systems are warrantied for five years. This is important to us, as most mitigators will only give the five year factory warranty on the radon fan. If they have to change the fan they charge for labor to replace it. If the system no longer reduces the radon level they charge to fix it.   

We offer a full warranty on our systems: labor, materials and performance. If the fan or any other part of the system needs repair it is covered for five years. 

Average Cost Of Testing

Between $100-$120.


Install:  On the average a basic mitigation system will cost between $1,100.00 and $2,500.00 to install.

Operating cost: approximately the same as a 60-75 watt light bulb